Ovqer dzerbakalvecin

As it has already been informed, as a result of the large-scale investigative and other procedural actions carried out during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case investigated by the Regional Investigative Department regarding the cases revealed in the region’s social assistance on the initiative of the Lori Region Prosecutor’s Office, factual data on apparent abuses were obtained.

The Prosecutor General’s Office reports this.

Particularly, it has been found out that 5 employees of the Stepanavan social service territorial agency, using their official position since 2007, during different periods until 2018. June, without the knowledge of a number of citizens, the computer database of the Stepanavan territorial agency has provided false information about their social vulnerability and illegal formulation of family benefits.

In the pretext of handing these sums to the same persons registered in the beneficiary lists, by signing their names, personally received from the post offices of «HayPost» CJSC offices, and thus fraudulently stolen a large amount of money.

The data obtained at this stage of the trial seem to show that from 2007 to 2018, During the period between June and June, hundreds of false beneficiaries were registered illegally in the Stepanavan regional agency. The amount of benefits formulated in their name has been transferred to the agency employees for a long period of time, every month by the employees of the post office of «HayPost» CJSC.

Although at the initial stage of the preliminary investigation, the damage to the state totaling around AMD 15 million was completely compensated, it has become clear that the amount of damage caused to the state significantly exceeds the amount laid down in the criminal case. Due to the new circumstances revealed, the damage to the state has a tendency to grow, which will be finalized and submitted to the final examination results.

2018 On July 19, based on the suspicion that the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia was violating the RA Criminal Code article 178, part 3, part 1 and article 325, part 4 of the Lori regional administration’s Stepanavan social services territorial agency employees.

The preliminary investigation is ongoing. Necessary investigative and other procedural actions are being taken to determine the full range of competent persons involved in the corruption scheme, to give them legal assessment of their actions, as well as to clarify the final damage caused to the state.