Teseq te inch e arel Gagik Xachatryan@

On July 13, 2018, the RA Prosecutor General’s Office received the application of the citizen of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Mekhak Gabrielyan, on the illegal pursuit of the «Golden Field» LLC by former RA SRC Chairman Gagik Khachatryan in 2011-2013.

Particularly, according to the applicant, officials were brought to administrative responsibility without sufficient grounds for the company and a fine of 550 million AMD was imposed, after which the company’s imports and exports were blocked. As a result of the illegal actions, according to the applicant, «Gold Field» was fined $ 64 million in property damage.

The above-mentioned report and the application documents of the SRC Investigation Department were sent on July 17, 2018 to the RA General Prosecutor’s Office to determine the future process. This is reported by the RA SRC Information and Public Relations Department.